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 Last update: 08/16/19 

The Car Doctor, John Paul 
WROL 950 AM , Boston, Mass.  
Guest interviews and car knowledge
The Auto Lab 
Hosted by Harold Wolchock with Audra Fordin. WMCA 570Am  
Automotive variety show, questions answered and guest speakers
New on the Knowledge page.  Dayco Products Videos.  Showing yours truly.  More videos to come!
Radio programs worth listening too about the of aftermarket automotive repair business
Remarkable Results Radio 
Hosted by Carm Capriotto.  
In-depth interviews with the people that make a difference in  the automotive aftermarket industry. 
The automotive repair business isn't just for the guys.  Gals, you too can be an automotive professional! Check out these sites for more info. about the women in the automotive field.
Click on the logo to hear my interview with Remarkable Results Radio.  Great interview with Carm Carpiotto.  Lots of fun to do. 
Here's the latest stories on the site 
Diesel Vs. Gasoline - - How is the future of the passenger car determined?  Is it economic or environmental? 

Knowledge Page NEW articles;
Diesel Exhaust Filter Systems Explained

MOST system diagnostics - Diagnosing the 
communication/navigation/radio/HVAC center stack

Automatic Transmission Servicing with 
Aftermarket scanning equipment

New Refrigerant Usage Requirements _ HFO -1234yf 
refrigerant recovery and technician requirements

Pulse Width Modulated Alternators - One more thing to know about the latest charging system developments

DeCoding Codes - What all those letters and numbers mean that make up the code 
Controller Area Networking - CAN systems   -  A complicated system explained in an easy way.  Something every mechanic should be aware of. 


 OHS - Open Heart Surgery - My story
Our everyday lives have ups and downs.  Mine, took a turn in June of 2017.  Here's my story
Welcome to Gonzo's Toolbox
Automotive Shop Owner (1984 to 2017 - sold/retired 2017) 
ASE Master mechanic, author, instructor, and writer
Technical writer/contributing editor for the Haynes Repair Manual Company 
Technical writer/contributing editor for PTEN magazine
Technical writer/contributing editor for Heritage manual company
Technical writer/contributing editor for Motor Age magazine 
Contributing editor/columnist for Babcox media - (12+ years - out of print now)
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NACAT Article - Flash or Pass 
Memorial Day Weekend special story 
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