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                                 Technical Articles
Pulse Width Modulated Alternators
Diagnostics and Theory
Electronic Power Steering
How, why, and when to service a EPS
Passive Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics
Diagnostics and repair 
Catalytic Converter Efficiency
What is catalytic efficiency? How do you test it? What are the causes? All explained in this tech article.
Make Your Move
Electronic Stability Controls Examined
De-coding the Codes
What do all those letters and numbers mean in a trouble code.  This article breaks down the number and letter code for today's vehicles.
O2 Sensor Heater Circuit
How they work, what's involved, and a simple test to confirm O2 heater circuit operation
Go With The Flow
EGR testing, codes, and descriptions.
ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance System
Forward Facing Camera Technology
New technology information, diagnostic procedures, and equipment.  
R - 1234yf -  What you need to know 
Recovery Machines and the shop requirements for working with R 1234yf. 
Controller Area Network Systems
An in-depth look at CAN systems, how they read, what do they do, how to test them
Motor Mount Diagnostics
Motor mounts are not just a hunk
of rubber anymore
Active Speed Sensor 
Gas Pedal Diagnostics 
Active Speed Sensor 2 
Shifty Battery Drain
Thinking Outside of the Box
2010 GMC - electronic throttle Diag.
2002 Cadillac - No Comm on the bus line
2001 Chevy Suburban - I'm Positive it's a ground ! !  
CAN Bus and Brake lights
Automatic Transmission Diagnostics
Theft deterrent systems (early ones) 
Starting system and theft
Hall effect sensor diagnostics
MAP sensor diagnostics and theroy
MOST Protocol system
How to diagnose and check a MOST infotainment system