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in front of the camera.
Clark's Corvair Restoration 
A Special Thank You to the folks that put up with me, my wife, LeAnn, My daughters, Katie and Mandy, and my best buddy, my son Mitchell
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 Can't Believe It Photos , Cars and situations that will surprise you 
If you have any free clips you would like to post just email them to me and I'll put them on the site.
My ride of choice 
 04' Kingpin
Actual miles from 1956
1956 Fire/Rescue truck restoration 
Steam and Thrasher Show 
How a Hydrovac Brake system  works - - Video Link
After a lot of searching I found this early military instructional video that showed how the brake system works on this truck... Really cool video   click the link and check it out...  

1949 Kaiser Imperial
1959 Ford Edsle
1959 Mercury Park Country
1956 Ford Fairlane
Glen Pray, Local legend and keeper of the Duesenberg, Auburn, Cord legacy.  Founder and creator of the Cord replica vehicles.  Established the Cord manufacturing facility in Tulsa, OK.  Most of the original parts and equipment is still in the possession of the Pray family in Broken Arrow, OK.
58 Cadillac                    57 Belair                      59 Buick                     53 Studebaker              58 DeSoto                    58 Dodge                          60 Plymouth
Gas and Service Stations from a few decades ago

The repair shop
Zenith ALL electric vans
Some of my wood projects