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Ingersoll Rand 1207MAX-D3
       This 3/8” drive ratchet wrench made by Ingersoll Rand ranks up there with some of the best pneumatic tools I’ve ever used.  The design allows for close tolerance access to a lot more areas that you couldn’t get into with the standard air ratchet that has its directional knob on the head of the tool. 
       With the directional adjustment streamlined to the body of the ratchet you can easily slip this down into the work area without the fear of the working end of the ratchet bumping the directional controls just about the very second you get to that bolt or nut.  (Always hate that when it happens).  The exhaust port is fully adjustable (360 turn) to allow for complete direction control; I found mine to be somewhat stiff to move, but then it made sense after I’ve used the tool on a daily basis.  It won’t budge from where you put it, which makes it a lot easier to deal with vs. having the exhaust port start sliding around after repeated use.
       One of the most surprising things I found with this tool was the noise level.  Most of my other ratchets tend to be rather loud and ear piercing at times, and for some techs, the noise level is one of the determining factors of the general torque level of the tool.  Not so with the 1207Max-D3, quiet is the name of the game here.  You can even talk at a normal level while running the ratchet. 
       Now how about the power level?  Don’t worry, even though it’s not putting out enough decibels to make you think you’re at a rock concert, this brute has the force to remove or install a bolt or nut with all the force you can handle.  Although, the kick back is another issue, I don’t know how the manufacturer did it, but the recoil you normally have with most ratchets is usually a pretty good jolt.  Not with this one, I haven’t yet had the ratchet get yanked out of my hand once I tightened a bolt with it.  Even though, the torque level is the equal to other ratchets that I’ve used. 
       One of the other nice features is the slim line of the trigger and the well thought out placement of the variable speed control.  Very nicely done, I would recommend this ratchet to anyone out there that was thinking of replacing the one they have now.
       And here’s one more tip that I’d like to point out.  Read and understand the information and oiling instructions when you get your ratchet.  Look close at the bottom of the instruction page.  I think this is a great innovative tip that shows this manufacturer cares about our environment too.
       Copied directly from the manual:
       “When the life of the tool has expired, it is recommended that the tool be disassembled, degreased and parts be separated by material so that they can be recycled.”
       Another good reason, to buy Ingersoll Rand 1207MAX-D3.
Directional control location
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