Another Innovative Product from Innovative Products of America
The Light Ranger Mutt #9101

I work on a lot of trailers at my shop
and with any electrical diagnostics I do,
having the right tool for the right job makes
all the difference in the world.  The usual
method for trailer diagnosing is to have the
customer leave their tow vehicle so I can
use it to power up the trailer.  Sometimes,
that might not be possible, which could
mean I might not get the job.  Innovative
Products of America (IPA) has solved that
problem with the Light Ranger Mutt. 

IPA has come up with this compact tester
that eliminates the need to have the tow
vehicle and the trailer there at the same
time. It not only can test the lights on the
trailer from front to back, but also the
electric brake systems with one handy
standalone tester.  

Made from durable plastic and about the size
of a small arms ammo box this weather proof unit
has its own 10amp @ 12v output with an automatic
resetting internal breaker.  You can test the entire
circuit by simply plugging the trailer into the
convenient “multi-trailer receptacle” connector
on the side of the unit.  It not only can test the
lights on the trailer from front to back, but also
the electric brake systems and it doesn’t matter
if it’s a 7 flat, 6 round, or the typical 4/5 flat boat
trailer connector.  They all can be tested with ease. 

Inside the unit you’ll find one switch that has all
the functions clearly marked for all the different
circuits found on a trailer.  Turn signals will also
flash just as they would on the vehicle as well as an LED to indicate the condition of the battery pack.  (A standard motorcycle battery fits in it perfectly.) Oh, don’t worry about charging the battery there’s a built in trickle charger to maintain the battery as well as a handy 12v power port on the side of the unit.

At about 2lbs (without the battery) it’s easy to carry and easy to store.  Everything is self-contained in its weather tight case. The only thing you need is the trailer.  It’s a definite a must for anyone who works on trailer wiring, especially when you find it time consuming to run back and forth from the tow vehicle and back to the trailer constantly or when you need to snag that extra guy in the shop to hold the brake pedal down. 

IPA also carries the testers for the tow vehicle as well.  These testers simply plug into the tow vehicles trailer connector and will give you a visual LED to indicate whether or not the system on the vehicle is functioning properly.  Using these two testers together can eliminate a lot of the guess work and speed up your diagnostic time for sure.

This is definitely something every garage and road service professional should have in their toolbox inventory.  I highly recommend purchasing the LIGHT RANGER MUTT #9101 and the Trailer Tester kit #TSTPK1 from IPA.  You can find them at www.ipatools.com.  Check out all of their great products while you’re there.
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