Back In The Future 
Calling yourself a mechanic and not knowing 
today's technology says, 
"You're not a modern mechanic"
Why Is It?
There are questions and there are answers, but sometimes it's not the answer that matters. It's the "why" that just needs asking.
 Lifetime Warranties
A lifetime warranty used to mean that it was an outstanding product. These days when it comes to auto parts it's not always the case. 
Looking for Some Guy  
  (you know this fella, I'm sure ya do)
 There's a New Wrench in Town  
  (dealing with a younger technician from a dealership)
 Old Is New 
So, why are you selling your car? Is it too costly to repair? I'll bet if it was repaired correctly it'd be like new, and I'll bet it's still cheaper than a new one. 

Cars With Baggage
From the Edsel to the Yugo - there are opinions and extra baggage some models have to carry with them. 
The Long and Short of It
Most people will inform the mechanic of the problem with their car with enough information and facts, however, some people have to turn it into a novel. or won't tell the mechanic a thing. 
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Lost and Found 
The game of "Hide and Seek" mechanics play with their tools.
7 Years of Bad Luck
A tongue and cheek look at mechanics and their superstitions

Keep it simple stupid
Simple is still the best method
I Didn't Want That Jack Anyway
Frustration does have a way
Of getting in the way of things
Blowin' in the Wind
Diagnostics with a little help
From an unlikely source
Shouting doesn't help
I Must Be Insane
How else can I explain all the wacky things I get myself into when repairing cars?
It's Not What They Said, It's What They Said
Diagnosing the customers comments and then sort out the problem with the car.
Pikes Peak and The Rental
Did ya ever wonder where those rental cars actually go?  
Paper Or Plastic
Recycling and Environmental issues are a big concern in the repair business.
Hazards Of The Road
All kinds of things can get in your path.  And, some of them can cause a lot of damage to your car.
Mechanically Confidential
Are there trade secrets?  Are there things your mechanic knows that he's not telling?