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Top Ten Pet Peeves
What irritates mechanics
Pet Peeves 2
A new list from the many 
readers of my column.
Cars With Brains
Is it time to employ the 
three laws of robotics?
Manual Reading -Manual Labor
Both are important.
Kids Are Great
Job security for
the mechanic
It's Alive! It's Alive!
The mechanic and
Dr. Frankenstein
square off.
We all use them
some just more
than others.
Got Talent?
A skill can be learned
talent is something
you have.
Ratchet With a Cause
My early days.
Mechanics Need Not Apply
You call yourself a mechanic
but are you... really?
Shop Vultures
They hover, they prowl
they don't go far from their
Pulling The Plug
Sometimes it's just time.
On Demand - In Demand
There's a demand on or in the business.
All Time Worst Spark Plug Changes
Maybe not your worst but these are
my worst.
The Refrigerator Light
Explaining intermittent problems
using a refrigerator light.
Thinking Outside the Box
Using more than the diagnostic tree to fix a problem.
Going On A Diet
...and not just me
the type of cars too!
Taking Some Time
It's nice to run into somebody
who's not in a hurry.
Golfing With An Attitude
Trying to leave the the office.
Car 54
Ya can't wait on the mechanic to finish what he's doing... so it's OK to insult him anyway.  really??
Facts and figures aren't enough for some people.
Clamps and Batteries
It's amazing how many things end up as battery clamps.
Outer Limits
Computers... they've taken over everything... including your car!
Left handed Sockets
There's no limit to the wackiness you can find at a repair shop.

Picture This
Teaching brother the art of this business, but failing in the task of explaining things. 
Where's Waldo?
Repairing cars can be like looking for Waldo.
GI - Think I'm a Mechanic
A tribute to mechanics and what they do.
Code Talkers
Talking in automotive codes is like deciphering WWII radio chatter.