Trade Secrets
Are there secrets
Only mechanics know?

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Problem on the "In" side
How Important words are
when speaking with a customer
Detective On Duty
Sometimes you have to be
more than a mechanic.
Body Snatchers
What a job,  two dead
bodies, a state trooper and
a wrecked car. 
Neighborhood Mechanic
Sometimes you can't leave
your job at work. Sometimes
you need to help a neighbor.
Stepping Back to the Future
Old technology, old school
Check Engine Charlie
Always one to worry
Old Charlie has a fear
of that check engine light
Poking It With A Sharp Stick
Cave man pokes it with a stick
Modern mechanics use technology.
Stupid's Free
Some people shouldn't
be allowed near a toolbox
Sci-Fi or Future Reality
A vision of a possible future while
examining the past
Duct Tape
The versatility is overwhelming
Brain Damage
How many brains does it 
take to maintain a car?
Clips and Fasteners
Plastic clips, metal hooks, 
CPA's, snaps, too many to
Second Hand Lyin'
Information can sometimes be
misleading or totally wrong.
Welcome To My World
Come spend a day at 
the repair shop.
I'll Bet Ya
A stinky job that required a bit
more than convincing to get it
OK'd by the customer.
Have A Great Day
Spread a little thanks and
a few 'ataboy's' around.
Enjoy the day
Perishable Goods
Cars have a history to tell.  They need preserved for the next generations.
Crystal Ball Diagnosis
The answer to your car problems can't be found with a swami and a crystal ball.
This Job Stinks!
Sometimes it's not the diagnostics
that stinks, it's the car! ! ! 
Diagnostics MD
Can, will, or is it possible with today's
sophisticated cars that mechanics will
someday be held at the same level as
The American Dream
Owning your own business, and being your own boss is great, but... not for everyone.
Battin' a Thousand
When the mechanic is up to bat, there can't be any mistakes.  It's gotta be done right the first time.
Cheap Cigars
There are good ones and there are bad ones.  Same thing with auto parts.
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