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Self Helpers
They want to help, their going 
to help... sometimes wish they didn't.
What Ya Know
You never stop learning. No matter how young or old you are.
As The World Turns
All this cosmic spinning makes me dizzy
"Automated Technician Machine" a fantasy tale of computers taking over everything. 
Where Did The Electricity Go?
Did you ever have to explain that electricity is there but not there?
Change transitions into more change.  Never truer than in the automotive repair business
Not Your Ordinary Commute
Coming to work on a tow truck
Where's There's a Spark
Sooner or later there'll be a fire

Facts Or Fingers?
Which is more important knowing
how or knowing the facts?
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Diagnosing today's by guessing or swapping parts is not a very professional way of doing it.
A Day To Reflect
When I'm in a situation where people don't know that I'm a mechanic.
Old Bill
Not every customer is going to be a good fit with your shop, but then, some will surprise you.
Impress and Repair
Ya can get lucky once in a while when it's the best kind of luck to have.
Drivin' Drinkin' and Granpa
Breathalyzer and a grumpy Grandpa 
Corvette Etched Glass
An impossible problem that turned into an impossible result
It Runs In The Family
That acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.
The Used Car Salesman
Loud socks, plaid sports jacket,and a big smile.  The stereotypical used car salesman.
Dude, Meet My Daughter
I like this guy, wish my daughter did.
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