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Breaker, Breaker
When the CB lets everybody know and you probably didn''t want them to know ... everything.
The Ode to Santa
A Christmas poem all about Santa and how he "acquires" all those toys. 
Men Do Manly Things
Testosterone comes out when talking to the gal in the front office. Even though she's as qualified as some technicians are.
Joe Friday Diagnostics
Let's see how Sargent Friday would handle the front counter and diagnostics.
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Diagnosing by way of castration 
POS - Hoopty
Some cars are just too far gone, and the repairs costs are adding up.  Time to send it to the scrap yard.
Distributor Fallout
There's a limit to how much you can expect a warranty to last. 
First, The Basics
Diagnostics start with powers and grounds NOT with parts and labor
Fatherly Advise
A tribute to my dad and his fatherly wisdom.
Lights Out
A bit of a shock and a few stars and I had this problem figured out.
What's On Second
Abbott and Costello did it first, but Katie has her own version.
This was a bit of a stretch to repair.
Bogie Battery
Using golf to explain the difference between good parts and cheap parts
Paper Dolls and Corralling Cows
Bob is such a good sport, and very understanding
Can Ya Get To It?
Which is it.. "can I start on it today or can you have it done today?"  What does "Get to it" really mean?
The three elements that make up any repair job.
I Found It On The Internet
Internet information ... is it always truthful?
Semper Fi
An old soldier tells his story. 
A must read story.
It's Doing The Same Thing
Despite the protesting from those who believe it's "always" doing the same thing... it usually isn't.
Dad'll Do It
There was a time when dad could fix just about anything on the car.  Not so these days.
Galactic Wonders
Strange diagnostics and even stranger parts described by at best described... space aliens.
Wacky Customer Responses
The things you hear at the service counter ....