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Why Is It?
Lifetime Warranties
 Looking for Some Guy   
There's a New Wrench in Town  
Mercedes Dimmer 
The Dog Story
Mike's Story
Mr. Gorillalilla
Old Sarge
Big City/Small World 
"I Don't Gotta Gun"
Bottom Shocker
The Janitor
High in the Sky Jeep / The Stooge Trio
The K-I-S-S Method
I Didn't Want That Jack Anyway
Blowin' in the Wind
Last Stop Before the Asylum
3 Gallons of Trouble
The Bird Lady
One Socket Short of a Full Set 
Clop, Clop, Clop, Whoosh
Pushing the Limits
Back Door Irritation
Communication, Communication
How bout' Friday?
Free the ECM's
Honesty... From the other side of the counter
Same Time - Same Station
Lets Make A Deal
Earning Respect at the Parts Store
You Want Fries With That?
Once, Twice, Three Times
My Nemesis
Parts Changers
Trade Secrets  
Trick or Treat
Problem On the "IN"-side 
Detective On Duty
Body Snatchers
Neighborhood Mechanic
2011 the year in review
Stepping Back To The Future
Check Engine Charlie
Poke it With a Sharp Stick
Stupid's Free
Sci-Fi or Our Future Reality
Brain Damage
Clips and Fasteners
Second  Hand Lyin'
Welcome To My World
I'll Bet Ya
Have A Great Day
Perishable Goods
Crystal Ball Diagnosing
This Job Stinks
Diagnostics MD
The American Dream
Battin' a Thousand
Cheap Cigars
What Ya Know
As The World Turns
Where'd the Electricity Go?
Not Your Ordinary Commute
Where There's A Spark
Facts or Figures 
I Must Be Insane
It's Not What They Say, It's What They Said
Pikes Peak and the Rental
Paper Or Plastic
Hazards of the Road
Mechanically Confidential
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Back in the Future
Old is New 
A Day to Reflect  
Old Bill 
Impress and Repair  
Drinkin'-Drivin, Grandpa   
Etched Corvette     
Runs in the Family 
4 SALE-1 Used Car Salesman  
Dude, Meet My Daughter   
Shift Happens     
Breaker, Breaker 
Ode to Santa   
Men do Manly things 
Joe Friday Diagnostics
Rocky Mountain Oysters 
POS - Hoopty  
Butt Kickin' Bodyshop
Distributor Fallout
First the Basics
Some Fatherly Advice
Lights Out
What's on Second            Flexibility    
Bogie Battery
Paper Dolls and Corralling Cows
Can Ya Get To It
Cheap, Good, Fast
Found It On The Internet
Semper Fi
It's Doing The Same Thing
Dad'll Do It
Galactic Wonders  
Wacky Customer Responses
Diamond in the Rough
Know it Alls
A Day At The Dentist  
Hot Head Hot Rod
Service Writer Blues
Diagnosing a Cancer
By The Way -- Since it's here..
ME Robot
Full Moon
Dog Gone It
Jack Of All Trades
Temporary Helpers
The Things Kids Say 
New Dog, Old Tricks
One More Busted Knuckle
Nobody's Perfect  
So, You're A Mechanic
Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels
Doctor's Orders
Pilsner Payment
Knock Knock --- Who's There?
Geek With Attitude
It Doesn't Matter
Leap of Faith
Zombie Cars
Hood Props and Latches
Language Mecánico
Shop Swappers   
Party Line
Mechanic Culture Shock
Parts, Prices and People
Way Back When
Directionally Challenged
Restoration for the Mechanic
Real or Reality TV
An Average Day
Cart Before The Horse
Mechanic one - Car zero
Strange Requests
"Dude, Where's My Tools?"
Sounds, Gone but not Forgotten
Dealing with DIY'rs
Third Time's The Charm
Stayed At The Inn 
Lost and Found 

Spooky Stories 

* Zombie Cars
Brains! Brains! We Need Brains!
It's Alive! It's Alive!
Dr. Frankenstein and the mechanic square off.
Full Moon
The craziness just increases during a full moon.
Body Snatchers
(An odd story, involving a state trooper, a driver, and two dead bodies...  interesting)
Last Stop Before the Asylum
Creepy customer, real creepy customer 

Patriotic Stories

Old Sarge
(a true veteran story)
Simper Fi
(Hero, soldier, or just an American, you be the judge)
GI Think I'm a Mechanic
A tribute to mechanics everywhere
Code Talkers
Reading, understanding, and translating codes into useable information.  (It takes more than reading codes to be a technician.)

Sports Related Stories

What's on Second                                              (Katie's story)   
Bogie Battery
(Comparing Parts to Golf)
Golfing With An Attitude
(Trying to leave the office at the office)
Mechanic one - Car zero
The champion is still the mechanic.  We'll figure out the problem. 
Christmas Season Stories

* Night Before Christmas
An apprentice mechanic helps Santa out on Christmas Eve. 

Ode to Santa - a Christmas story (new version of my old poem - 25 yrs now)

The Magical Elf
My granddaughters story about their new magical elf.  (too funny)

12 Days Of Christmas
Auto Repair Shop Style  
Stories from the service bay 
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