Stories 14 
How Long Is A Labor Hour?
Time keeps ticking, and labor time is a part of it.
Repairing by the Numbers
Fixing it right is more important than ever before
PM Importance
Cars need a scheduled PM, so do you...
How Accurate Are Reviews?
Who writes reviews? Who reads reviews?  We ALL should. 
Mechanic For Life
There's something about this job that keeps calling you back.  It's true, most of us are mechanics for life.
The Rules Of Physics
There are rules, then there are rules.  Some you can break, some you have to deal even if the customer doesn't like the results.
Bugs In The Rugs
What kind of bugs have you found scurrying around in the car as you were working on it? 
There's an App for that
Internet based automotive repair - is it a good thing or bad?
Flash or Pass
The automobile is far more than a mechanical device these days.  It takes more than wrenches to be a modern mechanic. 
Water Cooler Diagnostics
What's better - a professional or a novice?
OHS - Open Heart Surgery - My story
A life changing event