HillBilly HoeDown 

“Time for an old fashion sing-a-long. 
You know the tune, now sing it like you know 
you do when you’re in the shower!"

Come on now… you can do it!

First a little Banjo pickin’ … ya got it… OK
Here we go….

Come listen to my story about a man named Jess
          A do it yerself guy who kept his car 
          a mess

Then one day while in a tinkerin’ mood . . . 
         Out from the engine came a bubblin' crude . . .

Oil that is, .  . .  black gold, . . .Texas tea

The next thing ya know Ol’ Jess ain’t thinkin’ clear
          Kin folk said, Jess move that car out a here!

Said a mechanic place is where you ought to be
         So he hauled the ol’ car to the facil-i-ty

Repair shop that is, spinnin’ tools, movin’ tires

​Now with all the repairs done, Ol' Jess can get back on the road
          He's pritnear giddy not having to be towed…

Ol’ Jess says he ain't workin' on his own car anymore.....!
         Cause he reckons it'd be a lot easier...... just to go thru the lobby door….

Front door of the repair shop that is, no tow trucks, no home repairs.

Ol' Jess yelled out, "Car repair ain't the place fer me!"
        “Workin' on ur own jalopy ain't like it used to be.”

Said, “These here cars, are too complex for me these days”  
         “It takes a heap of schoolin’ just to fix em’ anyways.”

Trainin’ that is, conventions, classes, and OJT. 

 Ol’ Jess refers our shop to all his family and his friends,
         They're so glad that he ain't fixin' cars no more 
          and mention it time and time again.

But, now it’s time say goodbye, to Jess and all his kin. 
        We’d like to thank you folk fer kindly droppin in. 

You're all invited back again to this here locality 
        To have a heapin helpin of our wrenchin’ abilities 

Auto repair that is.  Engines, Transmissions, Brakes, and more…

Y'all come back now, ya'hear?

A little more Banjo and repeat the first verse.  
Alright!  Ya done well Y’all! ! !  

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