Top Ten Pet Peeves

Every day at the repair shop there’s another challenge to overcome. 
When things go smoothly the day glides by without notice.  One day passes
to the next, so on and so on.  But, there are those occasions when one of
life’s little obstinate reminders sneak up to remind you that every day
can’t be perfect.  Usually, just to irk even the best mechanic off for no
reason at all, except to be a royal inconvenience.  You know, it’s those
daily activities and tasks that create their own obstacles just to rub
your wrenches the wrong way that make ya wanna flip your pressure
gauges into the next service bay. 

I know for a fact that there’s not enough morning coffee to ease
the frustration when you are in the midst of working all day and some
little insignificant problem comes along that isn’t part of the big picture
you’re trying to solve. It just adds to the challenge of the day. You’ve
already got to deal with the cars, the owners, the tools, the weather,
and the usual soap opera stuff in the shop. Now ya gotta throw this
into the mix. It’s just one of those tasks that shouldn’t be an issue but certainly can add to a tension headache and a darn good chance for a swift kick to the offending item.  Hey, let’s face it, nothing’s perfect, but it sure would be nice when the simple things in the shop just stayed simple.  Yea… like that’s going to happen.

Here’s a list of my top ten pet peeves of the auto shop.

10# - You drive a car onto the lift, set 3 of the 4 legs, but the last one won’t line up or get past the tire, unless you hop back in the car and move it just a bit more.  (I’ve figured it out… 9 out of 10 cars don’t fit the first time. So, 1 out of 10 cars is going to give me fits in a different way.)

9# - How come the air hose is always 6 inches too short to reach that last bolt? (It doesn’t matter how much extra hose you sling off the reel, it’s still 6 inches short.)

8# - Tool borrowers who borrow tools and don’t bring them back.  Tool borrowers who bring them back…broken.  Tool borrowers who don’t wipe the grease off of my tools after they’re done with them.  (Ok…in general… “tool borrowers”.)

7# - Small cars with gym equipment, boxes full of random stuff, and or a pile of clothes behind the driver’s seat.  When I try to move the seat back, so I can drive it into the shop … it won’t move….! (I don’t think I can slip between the wheel and the seat in some of these cars, even if I went on a diet… ain’t enough room, people!)

6# - Pocket screwdrivers with extra strong magnets on the tip. Magnets are good, but not when you lean over an engine and the screwdriver attaches itself to the nearest piece of metal… every time! (The last one that did this is in my tool box… safely away from being the next projectile across the shop.)

5# - The last guy to use the oil recovery tank filled it up with the last oil change, and didn’t bother to empty it. (There’s a price on that guy’s head.  He don’t know it, but he’s a marked man….)

4# - Service writers who don’t ask questions, but will write down anything the customer tells them, even if it makes absolutely no sense at all. “The car sounds like a ballerina with a sore foot.” This is NOT a good explanation of a faulty suspension component!   (Let’s face it, I ain’t no ballerina, haven’t a clue what it would be like to have a sore foot as one.)

3# - Drop a car off, explain (in over abundant detail) about the problem they are having, but fail to mention the outside door handle is broken, and that I have to crawl in from the passenger side. (So, you want me to perform some Olympic gymnastics feat to fix your car? ‘Fraid not… fix the fX%#& door!)

2# - You ask if I’m a mechanic, then proceed to tell me how brilliant you are at my profession. Later on in the conversation I find out the cars you’ve worked on are all for relatives of yours… most of which  don’t speak to you anymore after you’ve done your “magic” under the hood. (Oh I know, everybody is a mechanic.  Might as well fess up… but I don’t need to brag about what I do… my work speaks for itself.)

1# - Engineered disasters, poor designs, and unbelievably impossible to get to bolts or components that only an idiot would have designed that way in the first place. Then show zero labor time to remove said part, which only makes it worse when I bid the job out to what it “really” is going to take. Then… as usual… the customer calls another shop, who uses the book time (only) never having done this particular job before, and ends up with the repair.  Then, a few days later the same car is back with “other” problems related to somebody trying to get to those hard to reach bolts or components and has damaged something along the way.  AND, of course… it’s all my fault don’t ya know………… (The battle was lost even before I started.  Should’ve been a ballerina…)

Bonus Pet Peeve
Start an electrical short trace from one end of a circuit and 9 chances out of 10 the problem is on the opposite end. And it doesn’t matter if you try to “out think” it by starting on the other end … it’s still going to be on the opposite end. (Murphy’s Law… it’s a done fact…)

I think I should have started this list as the top 100 instead of the top ten, because there’s a lot more of them out there.  It’s just the kind of thing that makes ya wanna split your sockets sometimes.  I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s those little things that accumulate as the day goes by that makes ya wanna snap off your Snap On ratchets. The mere thought of another half-cracked-silly issue that shouldn’t be an issue showing up makes locking up the tool box and try it all again tomorrow rather tempting.  But, you know you’ll stick it out, you’ll get it done, grumble a bit of course, and as anybody in the business will tell you… it’s just another day and a part of this crazy world of auto repair. 

Yep, it’s just another one of those quirks that life throws at you now and then.  Best thing to do is to shake it all off and deal with it.  Go on about your merry way, and try to keep from bending another pry bar into a pretzel. Tomorrow’s another day. Yes, there’s always a tomorrow… and I’m sure there will always be another pet peeve just waiting to be a part of your productive day.  Happy wrenchin’!

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