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Turbo Encabulator --  I don't know how this guy kept a straight face thru the whole thing.

The first President to ever ride in a car was --- Theodore Roosevelt

A.C. sparkplugs stands for Albert Champion.

1914 the first traffic light was installed in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was operated by police officer sitting off to the side of the intersection.  

The Peanuts cartoons (Snoopy etc..) were original drawn for a 1957 Ford Failane commercial. 

1970 Firebirds and Camaros were the first cars to have full foamed seats

There was never a 1983 Corvette put into production.

The TV show "Dukes of Hazard" used 309 Dodge Chargers during the course of the show.

Before AMC "American Motors Corporation" closed their doors for good they merged with Renault.

The Batmoblie was styled after a prototype Ford from 1955 called the Futura.   

1974 marked a turning point in not only the 55 mph speed limit but the end of the muscle car era.  

The most expensive car ever purchased.  1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe, which sold for $8,700,000. US dollars in 1987.

May 2003,- Texas,  the fastest speeding ticket ever recorded 242mph in a 75mph zone. Driving a Koenigsegg.

Stupid Laws....still on the books...
Alabama --- it's illegal to drive barefooted
Arkansas --- Little Rock, you cannot blow the car horn after 9pm at any place that serves cold drinks or sandwiches.
Colorado --- Denver, it's illegal to drive a black car on Sundays.
Massachusetts --- You may not have a Gorilla in your back seat.
Oklahoma --- It's against the law to read a comic book while driving.
Tennessee --- No driving while asleep or you will be arrested.
Texas --- It's illegal to drive without wipers, windshield is optional.
Ohio --- Youngstown, it is against the law to run out of gas.
Denmark --- You can be fined for starting your car if someone is underneath it.
Alaska --- Hitch your dog to the roof of your car, and you'll get a ticket.
California --- It is illegal to jump from a car traveling at 65 mph.
Oklahoma --- Wynona, all forms of transportation (including your car) must be tied up when not in use.
Nevada --- By law, Camel riding is prohibited.
Utah --- Most birds have the "right of way" on the highways.
Rhode Island --- It is illegal to carry, transport, move, or ship beer by car.
Connecticut --- It is illegal to have sex in an ambulance during an emergency call.
Delaware --- (and New York)  Changing clothes while in a car is a violation of city laws.
Virginia ---  You can be fined for parking on Railroad tracks that are in use.

The state of North Carolina doesn’t want anyone driving in a cemetery who isn’t digging a grave or burying a body. Which is pretty reasonable, actually.
Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota, both have car color-related ordinances on the books: In Denver you cannot drive a black car on a Sunday. Minneapolis outlaws driving a red car down Lake Street – EVER!
In a law probably left over from California’s more conservative past, it is illegal there for a woman to drive a car while wearing a housecoat.
California is also the state that made it illegal to shoot any animal from your car – except for whales. Apparently California hates whales. Who else hates whales? Tennessee. They have the exact same law.
New Britain, CT, boasts a law forbidding fire trucks from going faster than 25 miles per hour. There are no exceptions – not even when responding to a fire call!
Canton, Ohio doesn’t want roller skaters and motorists on the same pieces of road. Motorists and skaters feel the same way.
Sheep in Montana may have a need for speed, but it’s a crime to leave a sheep in your truck unattended. 

Late night driving in Pennsylvania can be a slow process: every mile you need to stop and fire off a signal rocket to make sure that the pathway is clear of livestock.
Both Memphis and New Orleans are the unfortunate homes to a law requiring women drivers have to be escorted men in front of their cars waving warning flags.
Finally, frowning at a cop in New Jersey may get you off with a warning, but you could end up in much more trouble. The state of New Jersey has officially made it a crime to frown at a police officer. Have a happy day!

Red Green --  Installing electric windows
540,000 mile car, and it's a one owner
The lady that owned this car sold it to Jay Leno.  The car is now in his California collection.
Not car related... but if your a dad... you'll love this video...  the song will get stuck in your head all day... super video   
From; The Church On The Move, Tulsa, Ok.