AVI Hands on J2534 Video

      You’ve decided to get started into “reprogramming” of today’s cars.  But, you don’t know where to go to get the needed skills to do it without spending what little free time you do have at some class miles from home.  AVI has the answer for you.  This 2 DVD set with instructional manuals allows you to understand the procedures from one of the best instructors out there in the business today. 

      John Thornton, the “Guru” of instructors takes you through all the needed steps to reflashing on Ford, Chrysler, Gm, and Toyota vehicles, while using various J2534 tools. 

       I found myself going back over and over several sections just so I would completely understand certain steps, and that’s the best part!   Unlike attending a live class and trying to take notes, your notes are right there on the DVD waiting for you anytime you need to review the information. 

      The J2534 Reprogramming/Reflash manual that comes with the DVD’s, has page by page instructional information and photos to help guide you through the process.  I like the manual for the ability to take it with me to the car while I’m performing a reflash.  The manual has very wide margins on each page which will help keep the information clear of those greasy, dirty fingerprints on the edges of most well used manuals.  Having that information right there is always important and the way it is laid out on the pages it’s very easy to follow along as your actually doing the reflash.

      I’m really impressed with Mr. John Thornton himself.  Even as the instructor, he stills gets those goose bumps that we all do when it comes time to turn the key for the first time.  It made my day to see his reactions and comments when the procedures were completed and it was time to start the car.  It makes the results even more “real – world” and what we all can expect when we reflash a vehicle.

      I would personally recommend this DVD collection for anyone that is thinking about getting into reflashing and reprogramming.  I also would recommend it for anyone that does reflashing now.  Because we all can learn more about our business, and AVI makes that possible.

      Pickup a copy today!  www.auto-video.com  I recommend you do.

Instructor - John Thornton