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        Reviews of almost anything related to the automotive industry.
I'll take a non-partisan look at some of the industries newest equipment, websites, books, or for that matter anything related to the auto industry.
       You know of something that you'd like reviewed... let me kmow.

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2014  MACS Convention Class Reviews
I spent the week at the convention as one of the on-site reporters/writers for the MAC Society.   Here are the reviews I did.
Excellent Classes, Excellent Instructors  
Readers Email Reviews of Gonzo's Toolbox and trade magazine articles.

Gonzo –
    My name is Matt Cascarino and I’m the Director of Marketing at Identifix.  I just finished reading your “Busted Knuckle” article and wanted to dash off a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your monthly pieces in our industry publications.  Since I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool Car Guy, there’s a lot of technical content that’s over my head.  However your straightforward, conversational style comes through loud and clear and I can only imagine how many techs out there smile and nod at the amusing and insightful tales you tell.  THAT’S great writing!
 I look forward to your next column.
Best wishes for a happy and safe upcoming holiday season to you, your crew and your families.
2012 MACS Convention Class Reviews