“While you may not want your car to last forever, Tom                                                  Torbjornsen's advice will help you preserve it indefinitely                                               while maximizing resale value down the road. Preventative                                              maintenance is the key to the automotive fountain of                                                    youth.”

How To Make Your Car Last Forever
                               By Tom Torbjornsen

         I love the way this book is written.  It’s not an “over-your-head” informational overload of information you’ll never use.  Definitely not!  Each chapter explains the inner workings of your car and how to maintain it for the long haul.  This book is written in such a way that a person with no background in the automotive field can have a working knowledge of what goes on beneath all that paint and chrome. 

        Tom’s precise information will lead you thru each major component of a modern car and what to look for.  Full of extremely well photographed sections, and graphs that you’ll feel like a pro in no time.  I’ve seen other books that tell you how to take care of your car, but not one that covers everything with the wealth of knowledge that Tom brings to you from cover to cover.   You’ll find easy to read and understand information here from wipers to the drive line, and so much more. 

         The main lesson in this book is maintenance, and what you need to know to keep your car on the road.  Tom explains the importance of following a maintenance schedule and what you need to do and what to look for when you’re doing it.  A great book for every driver out there on our nation’s highways and a great book for someone who’s just now learning to drive.  Understanding what it takes to make those 4 wheels roll down the highway takes more than an ignition key and gas in the tank, and Tom Torbjornsen will explain it all to you. 
  Pick up a copy of How To Make Your Car Last Foreverby Tom Torbjornsen, you’ll be glad you did.

                    Available at Amazon.com or ask for it at your local book store
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Tom Torbjornsen  - Host of "Americas Car Show"
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