Anatomy of a Waveform using MODIS                             by Automotive Video Inc. 
                  with Instructor Bill Fulton

        I don’t know of anyone in the automotive repair business who knows it all.  But, I do know where to go if I want to gain a little more knowledge than the next guy.  AVI, Automotive Video Inc. puts together instructional videos with some of the top instructors in the country.  With well written instructional manuals and clear precise instructional DVD’s you’ll find a wealth of knowledge in each of their classes.  This is not “dated” information from 10 year old vehicles; this is today’s cars with today’s diagnostic and service information. 

AVI’s information is based on today’s equipment also, and it’s also equipment that any technician can put into use.  This is one thing I find so appealing with their way of sharing the information.  Not only that, but unlike going to an advanced class across town, this class is yours, and can be replayed over and over again.   Good information is the key to your sucess, just like having a good manual on the shelf, these DVD’s are a great reference material, that you'll go back too time and time again. 

The first DVD I viewed was “The Anatomy of a Waveform using MODIS” (LBT-212A).  An extremely talented Bill Fulton is the instructor.  He will take you through each step in understanding the O-scope screen.  Now, if you’re new to reading or using an O-scope, this might be a little advanced (at first) for you, but stay with it, believe me, Bill Fulton will explain it all.  By the time you get to the last chapter you’ll be able to handle it like a pro.  One of my favorite quotes from Bill is: “Nannyism”. It’s his term for using nothing but a service code to make repairs. As Bill will tell you, “You’re using the manufacturer’s information provided by them, that can repair a car, but can also lead you down a path that won’t fix the car.  Reading the scope will take the doubt out of the repair.”  

Bill has a way of putting you right there in front of his laptop with his interpretation of the scope readings.  With his animated, and descriptive way of explaining things with his hands you'll find yourself absorbing more and more information as you listen in on this experts advise.  

     Explaining how to read the MODIS (by Snap-On tools) and making it clear and understandable is what Bill Fulton does exceptionally well.  You'll be surprised how quickly you'll  pick up on this info.

If you’re looking for the right information, at the right price, with the right instructors… you can’t go wrong with AVI and Bill Fulton’sAnatomy of a Waveform Using MODIS”.

Pick up a copy for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

                 or call  1-800-718-7246   Tell’m Gonzo sent you. 

Instructor Bill Fulton
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