Ok, Who Left the Gate Open!

Clunkers, Hoopty’s, Leaners, Rust Buckets, and those
bumper-draggin’-krinkled cars must travel in packs.  How
else can you explain how these oil dripping, rod knocking,
windshield cracking, grease slinging, POS’s (Piece of Scrap)
can find their way to the shop all at the same time?  I swear
there’s a gate at the end of the street that somebody has
left open. 

I’m sure there’s a gate, there has to be one, and I’m
sure there’s somebody down there who opened that sucker
up and sent all of these dilapidated, unmaintained, falling
apart fugitives of the service bay to my front door.
Sometimes, after I close up at night I go on a hunt for this
elusive gate.  I can’t find it. Where’s this gate at? Wait a minute,
I think I know why.  When the closed sign goes up they move
the gate to another part of town.  Yea that’s it…it’s gotta be…
and I’ll bet they’ve got a couple of these gates in every
time zone too! It’s a mass underground movement I tell ya! 

Seriously, I can go for weeks or even months and not see one of these 4 wheel disasters. But, when one does sneak passed the gate one or two more always slip through as well.   And, as usual, their owners are only concerned with one problem and one problem only, but with these run down relics it’s never “one” problem, it’s a series of numerous problems that lead up to a cataclysmic failure that finally brought these unrecognizable modes of transportation off the highways and byways and into a repair shop.

As of the last “super moon” just a while ago, the gate must have been opened for an extended length of time. It wasn’t just one or two… but dozens of these overdue for the crusher jobs coming in.
One guy asked if I could find out what the grinding noise was in the left front of his van.  He forgot to mention he was dragging a huge overloaded trailer behind this old van.  I told him that I can’t put it up on the lift with a trailer hooked to it, so if he didn’t mind, disconnect the trailer.  After he pulled into the lot, and tried to back up, he found out his reverse gear had gone out.  Right there in the parking lot!  Geez, now I’m out in the parking lot looking at this POS not to get paid mind you… but to get rid of it.

      It was without a doubt the most tore up, bent, broken, fluid dripping, cancer rotted vehicle I’ve ever seen that still had air in all four tires.  The guy wants to discuss fixing his metal grinding sound but isn’t concerned about the lack of reverse. I sternly told the guy, “Look, I’ll see what’s making the grinding sound, but, you’ll have to help push it off of the lift and out of the service bay.”  He didn’t like that idea all that well.  Oh, I forgot to mention… there was just enough room for the driver to get in the van.  The passenger side was full of junk.  Even the dash had about a foot of crumbled up papers, coffee cups, and various other unusable items stashed on it. And, the smell, OMG! Unbearable!

Just as that one left and was heading down the street the next patron of the gate passed it on its way into the parking lot.  This time it’s a service truck, a big Dodge Ram diesel dually on a trailer.  It doesn’t start, and it’s supposed to have had a fire accompanied with all of this.  The two fellas that were there to drop the truck off had no offloading ramps, no winch, no boards, and no idea what they were doing.  I asked, “How did you get the truck on the trailer?”

     “Oh, that was easy,” the brightest of the two of them told me, “We used a crane and picked it up and dropped it on the trailer.”

I watched in amazement as these two knuckleheads scampered around the trailer like the Keystone cops trying to come up with some way of getting it off.  The no#2 trailer efficiency expert had a brilliant idea. “Let’s tie a rope to that there building over yonder, then I’ll drive the truck we used to tow it in with and you steer the broken down one.  I’ll gun it and you’ll slide right off the trailer!” 

      OMG! !  I’ve got to put a stop to this right now.  I came out of the shop with both arms waving frantically, “Wait, wait, wait, hold on a second!  You’re not using the neighbors building as some sort of anchor post for some foolish idea.  How about you guys take this thing home, find the ramps, or get that crane and put this thing on a proper tow truck. Because what you’re suggesting can lead to all kinds of problems.”

I thought I might have to break out a chalk board and a couple of school desks to get through to these guys about the variables that could happen.  Of course, they both just stared straight ahead as if every brain cell in their head had just exploded.  The last thing I needed was for these two hayseeds to be on the six o’clock news explaining they just saw Big Foot in the parking lot pushing their truck or how aliens landed and smashed the service truck into the side of the building next door. They finally towed it home… what a relief.

      Not to be outdone, the very next one was another piece of work. Lost horsepower, wouldn’t shift right, and sounded terrible. What a horrid piece of machinery.  Honestly, you could have scrapped the gunk off this engine into a rag and squeezed a quart of oil out of it. I managed to get the inspection cover off of the timing belt and just as I suspected the timing had jumped. Way overdue for replacement. It’s not only going to need a new belt, but a bath before I work on this hunk of junk, and then… who knows what I’ll find. It just never ends.

Someday I’m going to find that gate, and when I do.... I’m going to weld it shut.  Lock it up and throw away the key. If you spend your day looking at these unbelievable poorly kept vehicles like I do, ya just have to ask yourself. “Can it get any worse?”  Oh, it does… and it certainly will. For the most part, these sorts of jobs never turn into paying/profitable jobs.  Most of these cars are so far gone that the repair costs keep going up and the customer still ends up with a bucket of rust to drive. 

       Then… … … Hold on a second, listen.  Do ya hear it? I hear the sound of a gate creaking open, and the sounds of an old wore out motor.  I can see plumes of black smoke and I can smell the burnt oil too!  Oh no, they’re coming. Ok, who left the gate open!  Here we go again….

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