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Air Bags Then and Now  
A look at the early beginnings of Air Bag systems and how far they have come. 

* Backyard Engineers  
Self taught backyard mechanics are more than a little disturbing to a professional mechanic.

* Is Change Always a Good Thing
2005 Nissan Titan with trailer light problems. 

* Charging Forward    
08' F250 with a strange charging system problem 

* Me? A Flasher?  
Coding, flashing, and reflashing... yep give me the long over coat... cause I'm a flasher.

* Tick-Tick, Tick-Tick, Boom 
2002 Hyundai Sonata  and how to play "Bomb" 

Working on the Wipers 
Wiper system diagnostics and how it has changed over the years. 

HVAC Repair 
A/C systems used to be fairly simple... But, not anymore 

* I Smell a Rat   
2002 Lexus LS 430 with a mouse in the house! 

* Free The ECM   
Back in the day, before the internet, how I took care of a few typos in the repair manuals.

Cam and Crank sensors 
(as published in Brake and Front end) 

Air Bag in Disguise   
It's no surprise that some used cars have been tampered with ... just to get them sold.  

Second guessing the Second opinion  
2005 Cadillac air suspension repair

Brake Booster History
Early brake booster systems and how they operated

Setting up your PC to Flash Fords with J2534
Using the J2534 pass-thru 

Can do CAN
A simple look at the complex CAN systems.

Diagnostics Fee or Diagnostics Free
Should we charge for our diagnostic time or not?

That shade tree is getting old
Those shade tree mechanics are getting as rare as hens teeth. 

Growing Alligator skin
It's a rough and tumble business out there, and sometimes you've got to learn to roll with it all. 

Can "add-ons" affect the CAN systems?
Today's cars are built to handle the components that were designed for it.  But, if you play 'home-engineer' all bets are off. 
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2002 Cadillac Deville
ABS light on, Traction light On, Brake warning light on

2001 Chevy Suburban - no start 
I'm Positive it's a Ground
Check the basics first

2010 GM 4.3L Electronic 
Throttle Diagnostics
Electronic throttle diagnostics

* Cruise Control diagnostics- 2004 Ford F150 - - 
Thinking outside the box to repair a cruise control system without fixing the cruise control system.

* Hand Splicing Wire
The art of hand splicing automotive wiring 

Let's Take A Brake - - Light
   Diagnosing brake lights

 * Charging System Diagnostics 
   Honda Charging systems  The ELD 

* Turn Signal Backfeed Diagnosis
A common backfeed problem with a simple solution and diagnostics

* Parasitic Draw Hunting with a Volt Meter
A Simple solution to a complicated test procedure

Fretting, Brinelling, and CAN Diagnsotics
A quick and simple method of finding a no communication problem on a CAN data line

Fuse Melt Down
The results of buying cheap aftermarket fuses and how to spot them

HID Diagnostics
When is it time to change a headlamp?

Alternator Voltage Drop Testing
The what and how to diagnose voltage drop tests.

What's A Battery
Battery care,testing, and development

Voltage Drop Diagnostics
Causes and results of a voltage drop in today's cars. 
Diagnostic and Repair Related Articles

* Ford 3 valve V8 engine spark plug removal
The OEM method and the proven mechanics method of removal  
How to remove a spark plug from the Ford 3 valve engines... before you break one off.

Evap system diagnostics
Diagnosing and understanding pressurized fuel tank systems

*  Key Cycles and Codes
What is a key cycle?  A great article that covers what one is.

Speed Sensor Diagnostics 
Vehicle Speed Sensor diagnostics  

Active Speed Sensor Diagnostics
Active speed sensor diagnostics

Passive Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics 
Passive speed sensor diagnostics

Stoichiometric Ratio    
 14.7 to 1 isn't the football score

Make Your Move
Electronic Stability Control

CVT transmissions 
A different type of transmission that has a lot older method of operation than most people realize.

Variable Valve Timing 
VVT engines are here to stay, learn more about them in this article.

* Decoding Diagnostic Codes 
Breaking down the diagnostic code.

* AC DELCO HVAC actuator operation and calibration
Actuator/vent drive motor setups and calibrations

Diagnostic strategies and repair methods 

Testing with the "min-max" feature on a multimeter
Battery drain testing using your multi-meter. 

* MAP and MAF Pattern Failures
Common failures on MAP and MAF sensors

Time to Take a Belt to it!
Top 10 signs you need a new timing belt.

What's In The Loop
Understanding the difference between Open and Closed Loop Operation.

The Art Of Spark
What makes the spark and how to test it.

Getting Grounded
Diagnosing and testing chassis grounds

Telematics - The Telling Future of Automotive repair. 

*Starters and related theft system diagnostics -  PATS codes and how to determine the transponder system installed.

*The Basics of Regenerative Braking Systems and what you should know.
There are still maintenance required even though the pads may 
last for a very long time.

* Diesel Exhaust Filter Systems
How do they work, what do they do?  An in-depth look at the 
blue fluid. 

Electronic Throttle -  Where did the throttle cable go???
Theory, operation, and basic diagnostics are discussed in this in-depth article. 

*Hall Effect Sensor Testing
How to test a cam or crank sensor, or any other hall effect sensor. 

*Catalytic Converter Efficiency
What is catalytic efficiency?  How do you test it?  What are the causes?  All explained in this tech article.

​* Pulse Width Modulated Alternators
How they work, how to test them, what you should know about them.

Automatic Transmission Diagnostics with Aftermarket Scanners
Not all scanners are the same, especially when it comes to transmission diagnostics.

* Catalytic Converter Efficiency
What is catalytic efficiency? How do you test it? What are the causes? All explained in this tech article.

Diesel Exhaust Filter Systems Explained
An in-depth look at the how and why we have 
the blue fluid in the new diesel systems.

O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Testing
Various ways of testing the heater circuits

Electronic Throttle - Where'd the throttle cable go???
Theory, Operation, and diagnostics on the electronic throttle systems. 

* Hall Effect Sensor Testing
Basic testing and diagnostic procedures for the typical hall effect sensor.

Battery Care and Maintenance
Basic battery care and maintenance with an explanation of the different types of batteries common in today's vehicles.