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Sunday Night Chat -- is an informal chat with professionals from across the country.  Everyone is welcomed.  Car Chat is for the consumer and the professional.  If you've got a question, we've got the answers.  Stop by ! !  7:00 to 8:00 PM CST  (sign in required)
     Click on the Chat Page tab and I'll see you there! 


The Car Doctor, John Paul 
WROL 950 AM , Boston, Mass.  
Guest interviews and car knowledge
The Auto Lab 
Hosted by Harold Wolchock with Audra Fordin. WMCA 570Am  
Automotive variety show, questions answered and guest speakers
New on the Knowledge page.  Dayco Products Videos.  Showing yours truly.  More videos to come!
Radio programs worth listening too about the of aftermarket automotive repair business
Remarkable Results Radio 
Hosted by Carm Capriotto.  
In-depth interviews with the people that make a difference in  the automotive aftermarket industry. 
The automotive repair business isn't just for the guys.  Gals, you too can be an automotive professional! Check out these sites for more info. about the women in the automotive field.
Click on the logo to hear my interview with Remarkable Results Radio.  Great interview with Carm Carpiotto.  Lots of fun to do. 
Here's the latest stories on the site 
Battin'n A Thousand - Mechanics have to step up to the plate and hit a home run every time

Knowledge Page new articles;
Diesel Exhaust Filter Systems Explained
An in-depth look at the how and why we have 
the blue fluid in the new diesel systems.

Automatic Transmission Servicing with 
Aftermarket scanning equipment
A few of the problems I've encountered when diagnosing today's transmission.


 OHS - Open Heart Surgery - My story
Our everyday lives have ups and downs.  Mine, took a turn in June of 2017.  Here's my story
Welcome to Gonzo's Toolbox
Automotive Shop Owner (1984 to 2017 - retired) 
ASE Certified Master mechanic, 
Technical writer/editor for the Haynes Repair Manual Company.  
Automotive instructor at Oklahoma Technical College.
Technical writer/contributing editor and monthly columnist at Babcox magazine company. Author and speaker. Follow "Gonzo's Tool Box" in print @ Brake and Frontend, Underhood Service, and Import Car magazines found at nearly every automotive service facility.

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