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The Car Doctor, John Paul
Boston, Mass. 
Audra Fordin's website                  Saturday Morning Radio Show
                                                      The  Autolab  
                                              Hosted by Harold Wolchock
New on the Knowledge page.  Dayco Products Videos.  Showing yours truly.  More videos to come!
STORIES PAGE - The fun page.  All kinds of wacky stories relating to the repair industry. It's All In The Name - Multiple Answers - Learned Attitude  - Gerdie - Greener Grass - Mechanic One-Car Zero- Unconventional Repairs- Hacks - Frustration - Thank You Uncle Sam - Mechanic By Definition - Advantages of being an older Mechanic - Go The Distance - Going Out For Business - As The World Turns - OK, Who Left The Gate Open! - Rust in Peace - HillBilly HoeDown - The Car and the Psychiatrist - Top Ten Pet Peeves - Mr. Details - Cars with Brains - Manual Reading-Manual Labor - "Kids Are Great"-It's Alive! It's Alive!-Strange Requests  - "Dude, Where's My Tools?"-Night Before Christmas - The ATM - Where'd the Electricity Go?-Transitions
REVIEW PAGE - People, products, and places that I've have the pleasure of being a part of- MACS Convention 2014 Assignment
Covering Hvy Dty and Off Road Air Conditioning application seminar. - Light Ranger Mutt
KNOWLEDGE PAGE - knowledge page is for all you techies out there.  Diagnostic information, technical articles, and stuff to help make your job easier than before. - MAP and MAF Patter Failures
Hand Wire Splicing, Turn Signal Backfeed Diagnostics, Ford 3 valve engine spark plug removal  -  Active Speed Sensor Diagnostics - Passive Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics - HID Headlamp diagnostics - What's A Battery?- MAF Diagnostics
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Not Your Ordinary Commute - Traffic trouble, car trouble... and snickers from other commuting mechancis.