Stories 8
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Reversed Opposites
When the opposites seam

The Basic Tools Have Changed
So long to the timing light.
Anticipated Questions
Fictional questions a mechanic might ask about the future technology.
What's In The Tool Box
How many tools do you have?
You've got to have goals.
Where Ever You Go . . .
Why I write stories
Experts Among Us
Arm chair diagnostics isn't as good as talking with an actual expert in the field.
Be Professional
Always maintain a professional attitude whether it's with a customer or another business
It Still Ain't Right
Diagnosing the car owner as well as the car.
Questions, Answers, and Questions
Some people have the answers to their own questions... even though the answer presents even more questions. 
Who's The Boss?
Some married couples don't exactly communicate things that well.
Owners Manual
Who writes these? They're terrible! ! !
Nothing Beats A Full House
When the shop is full everybody is happy
Square Peg Round Hole
There is always one more problem that needs solved.
Magic Elixirs
Gimmicks and potions and a very persistent customer.
Rude or Incompetent
Bedside manners aside, sometimes it is what it is. 
Judging By The Cover
It's never a good thing to "assume" based on the condition of the car.
What If Yogi Berra Was A Mechanic
The uncanny chatter from Yogi would have made explaining car repair something to behold.
I Must Be An Antique
A little trip to an antique store led to a bit of nostalgia for an old mechanic.
Are future technicians ready for the changes in the automotive world?
Never Enough Tools
The longer you stay in this business the more tools you're going to collect.