Stories 11
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Won't Hold Ya To It
Asking for a price on a repair, but not an exact price... sure ya are...
Drain the Swamp and Count the Alligators
There are those jobs where there are more alligators than you can count. 
It goes both ways, the customer and the mechanic
The Man Behind the Curtain
There is somebody behind the curtain and that somebody is the mechanic.
Apples to Apples
Compare the good part against a good part.  Not a cheap one to a quality part.
Why DIY?
It may be coming to a time when home repair isn't possible like it used to be.
Temper Temper
Dad can't fix it, so he makes sure it's really broke.
Redneck Repairs
Ya just can't make this stuff up.
Snake Oil
Oh those gadgets that will save you gas mileage ....
Take It To The Dealer
Some of the reasons for choosing an independent repair shop over the dealer.
Passing the Torch
A dad passes his car knowledge onto his son.
Mechanic ABC's
My version of the labor scale.
You Can Lead a Horse to Water
Fix first...diagnose later...wrong approach for the mechanic.
Second Rate Parts
Good mechanics know good parts.
You Can Meet the Nicest People at a Repair Shop
There are some great customers out there that sure are great people.
Where Do They Go?
Those zany - wacky - wayward folks that don't have clue what they're doing.
Challenges and Rewards
Every day is a challenge, everyday has it's rewards.
Myths and Rumors
The stereotypical grease monkey is just a myth.  But, that might be a rumor.
It's All In The Name
Car names can have different meanings in different countries.
Knocking That Chip Off
Some shops carry a that chip on the shoulder just a bit too far.
The New Guy In The Shop
A guide for the green horn lube tech and what they can expect.
Unconventional Repairs
The repair manual covers a lot, but sometimes not everything.
And now, A Word From Our Sponsors
Truth in advertising, how true is true....
One Piece At A Time
What would cars be like if they let mechanics design them?