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You Know You're A Mechanic If:
Take the test...see if you pass or not.
Building a Canoe
Taking things in stride and 
taking it easy for a change
Mechanic 3.0
What operating system are you running in your shop?
12 Days Of Christmas
Mechanic Style
Night Before Christmas
The apprentice mechanic and 
Ode To Santa
The economy has affected
Santa and the North Pole
The Un-assured Motorist
Both the customer and the
mechanic must have a mutial
So What's Wrong With Your Car?
Typical question with no typical answer.
Down and Out in the Service Bay
Some cars are just plain suicidal when they show up at the repair shop
Panic Attack 
There are times when just fixing the car isn't enough. 
Sinch' Ya
 Being in the service business means you get paid to perform service work. But, some people want you to do additional work for free.. You know, sinch' ya got the car in the shop anyway. . 
A Tisket A Tasket 
The proverbial basket case.  A mechanics nightmare or therapy.  Either way, it's a challenge. 
Have Ya Seen 'this' Before?
Dad, the TV set, and the skeptical customer
Tell a Mechanic To Telematics
Communication between customer, mechanic and the car are about to change.