Stories 6
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Diamond In The Rough
Is there such a thing?
Know It Alls
Everybody has a skill, a talent, and way to express it.  But, nobody knows it all.
A Day At The Dentist
Let's see if the same chatter at a repair shop has any bite at the dentist office.
Hot Rod Hot Head
...some people...
Service Writer Blues
The song and dance of
being a service writer
Diagnosing a Cancer
Whether it's medical or automotive, diagnostics and repairs have some similarities.
By The Way - While It's Here
Ringing that bell a bit too much
Me Robot
Is it a skill or are the skills turning into robotic responses?
Full Moon
As they say, "The full moon is when wacky things happen." It's not different at the repair shop.
Dog Gone It
A day at the vet turns into another comparison to the automotive repair biz.
Jack Of All Trades
Master some, not all.
Temporary Helpers
Those overly concerned type of people who have to keep tabs on their cars while they're in the repair shop.
The Things Kids Say
At the repair shop you can hear a whole lot about the car if you listen to the kids.
New Dog, Old Tricks
Old tricks of the trade are still new to the up and coming tech.
One More Busted Knuckle
Just another day in the shop.
Nobody's Perfect
We all make mistakes.  It's how you handle those mistakes that makes a difference.
So...You're A Mechanic
The connotation has several meanings.
Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels
Varmint damage can be a costly repair.  But, when it's the mechanic's son's car... oh man.
Doctor's Orders
Not what I call a professional response to what I do for a living.
The Pilsner Payment
Beer is good, and sometimes as full payment on a repair. 
Knock - Knock
Looking for those elusive noises in a car. 
Geek With Attitude
Have a little respect for the guy fixing your car. He's as much an expert at what he does as you are in your field of choice.
It Doesn't Matter
When it comes to any type of service work... it does matter.
A Leap Of Faith
Sometimes the mechanic just has to take that leap. The leap into a guess and not the diagnostic tree.