Stories 12
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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
What will the racing circuit look like if all the cars were autonomous? 
Of Mice and Men
Plans change, opportunities come up. 
North vs. South
It's the rust belt against
the sunshine states.
Bring Back Shop Class
Start the next generation with the skills that will turn into a career.  

Computer crash in the car needs a bit of a restart.
Keys, What are the good for?
Long live the key, but it's time is short in the auto world..
Rigged and Runnin'
They may not be pretty, but they might be functional. 
Growing Up With Wrenches
Something to think about when it comes to the problem of a lack of qualified mechanics.
Pay To Play
A doctor visit and a mechanic's diagnostic accomplish the same thing.  They both shouldn't be a hassle at the service counter.
Just The Bartender
Sometimes you have to wear different hats in the auto repair business
I Just Don't Get It
Why this business isn't regulated is beyond me.
Engineering Flashbacks
Mention some repairs to a mechanic and they might cringe at the thought of doing another one.
Jewel of Denials
Everybody has an excuse, some are just hilarious.
Who Can You Trust?
Politics and mechanics
A League of Their Own
The mechanic's mechanic
Ya Can't Please Them All 
We all don't like the same kind of music, politician, and surely not the same mechanic.  
The Car With Nine LIves
Some cars owe their motor oil to good mechanics..
One Diagnostics, Two Diagnostics, Three
The diagnostics dance continues.
The Darndest Things
Some days are not like some other days
Mad Max of the Future
Sci-fi movies don't always get the technology right.
Electronically Handicapped
Are we really better off with all these electronic gadgets these days?
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Save a dime,. Spend a dollar
Using the cheapest mechanic to fix your car can end up with the same results as using the cheapest parts.