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Zombie Cars
Brains! Brains! We need brains!
Hood Props and Latches
OK, who took the hood prop and why? 
Language Mecanico
Mechanics have a language all to themselves. 
Shop Swappers
Switching from shop to shop may
not be the best for you or your car.
Party Line
Communication is the key. Just make sure it's the right info.
Absurd but somewhat factual.
Mechanic Culture Shock
Visiting a foreign country and how they deal with automotive repairs.
Parts, Prices and People
Parts pricing can raise a few eye brows and a few tempers.
Way Back When...
What era do you associate with?
Direction-ally Challenged
Which way is up and is that north?

Restoration For The Mechanic
It's nice to take a break from all of today's electronics when you get a chance to work on a car from a simpler era of cars. 
Real Or Reality TV
Is it real or is it just TV magic?
An Average Day
Ya get comfortable with your average day, but sometimes it's good to experience somebody else's average day.
Details are so important
Cart Before The Horse
Buy parts before diagnosing.
Mechanic One - Car Zero
Game on! ! ! 
Strange Requests
Nothing surprises me anymore.
Dude, Where's My Tools?
A never ending battle finding your tools.
Sounds Gone, But Not Forgotten
Automotive sounds from the past
Dealing With DIY'rs
Everybody is a mechanic...
Third Time is the Charm
Sometimes you have to find
more than one way of explaining

I Stayed At The Inn
I don't think staying at the "Inn" will
make you a mechanic.