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No Pain No Gain
Pain is a great motivator.
Smoke Signals
Reading the smoke 
They Come In Threes
It seems no matter what
they come in threes.
Why does it feel like I'm being interrogated when a new customer comes in the door?
Mechanic's Eye
You've got to be able to see with your fingers in this business.
Mr. I Don't Know
Can't answer any questions, can't help at all, but wants to know what's wrong.
Multiple Answers
Without the wacky answers I get at the service coiunter I wouldn't have a whole lot to write about. 
Learned Attitude
It can make a difference
from either side of the
Old faithful
Greener Grass
Changing careers is a hard 
decision to make.
A Visit From A Retired Shop Owner
A great reminder why I fix cars.
Botched repairs that need
repaired. ASAP
Stress from both sides of the counter.
Thank You Uncle Sam
In all his wisdom he still ain't
got it right.
Mechanic By Definition
Who's really a mechanic?
The Advantages of the Older Mechanic
Putting a few years into the biz has it's advantages.
Go The Distance
Don't stop short of your 
finish line.
Going Out for Business
Travel the road of business
and find your business
Sometimes, Advise Is The 
Best Help
Listening to others may be
the answer to your problem.
OK, Who Left The Gate Open?
Here they come! ! 
Rust In Peace
When it's better to just 
leave it than fix it.
Hillbilly Hoedown
A little sing-a-long 
for ye-all'
The Car and the Psychiatrist
Analyzing the car